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GTA V PC is expected to be launched later than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions which will be released on September 17 2013.

And yes, we are quite sure that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on PC. Whoever says that GTA 5 will not be released on PC is a pessimistic dude who doesnt know a thing!

If you take a look at the Blog of Rockstar Games, they say that they have no details for the PC Version of GTA V. Which means exactly that. That they dont know right now when it will be ready. But it doesnt mean that there will be no PC Version! It means there are no Details yet – but thats all.

It was the same with GTA 4 – it was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 first – and about a year later for the Windows / PC Platform. And because it is no big investment to transfer the PS3 or Xbox 360 Version (or maybe the PS4 / Xbox 720 Version with higher texture resolutions?) to the PC Platform, were sure Rockstar will release GTA 5 PC in about one year.

The PC market is way too big for Rockstar to ignore it. Its just like a few weeks ago, many people said that GTA 5 will not be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 because it will only run on next generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox 720.

All of this is crap to create buzz and so is the information that Grand Theft Auto V will not be released for PC. Just wait a little and Rockstar will announce the release – for sure. Almost 🙂


Haha, good Joke. Rockstar even moved their own GTA 5 Release date for Xbox and PS3 from Spring 2013 to September the 17th of the same Year.

On amazon the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is listed for 10 bucks less than the PS3 Special / Collectors Edition  or the Xbox 360 editions like Special- or Collectors Edition. Which may almost look identically.

GTA V PC – The Official Trailer #2

Every new Grand Theft Auto always comes with a lot of new features. This time possibly that the user will not have to download so many patches for bug fixing. Compared to the PS3 version of GTA IV the version for PC made very high technical requirements to ones‘ PC. It was not developed very well. Rockstar being the kind of company that learns from it’s mistakes the new GTA for PC will definitly be of better developement, better craftsmanship.

Aiming your weapons inside the game will possibly be easiest in the PC version since you can make more precise and faster movements with the mouse. The controller for PS3 or GTA 5 Xbox isn’t bad, it just requiers a little practice. So will the steering of motor vehicles inside GTA V PC . The steering of cars in GTA IV was completely different to the steering in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas making the game harder or making it harder to drive fast inside the game. If one would like to use a controller. There are controllers available for PC that emulate the one for PS3 quite well. More Info on this german GTA Site.

Online gaming will be possible in GTA V PC again. Only this time it might be that one can chose to play online while being inside the game. In GTA IV one needed to decide to play online before entering the game so this has propably changed. Online gaming modes will certainly include: deathmatch, team-deathmatch, race and the free mode.

Rockstar released a trailer of Grand Theft Auto V a while ago. In it one could see a character playing golf. So maybe a wider variety of sporting activities can now be played, maybe also online. There also was a dog shown in the trailer. Pets seem to be included in the game now. Possibly a new penal system has been installed also including comunity service. ( Rockstar will make it fun, no doubt ) A Jet-ski was also in the trailer. So a bigger choice of motor vehicle transportation can now be made. If you cannot access the GTA Multiplayer network, try a VPN Client to connect to the US for example.

The comedy clubs in Grand Theft Auto IV have gotten a very positive review from gamers. This will surely be available again only with an even more elaborated programme and new entertainers.

The radio stations in Liberty City ( in GTA IV ) didn’t make a lot of friends. Again, smart people learn from their mistakes, a new radio programm with good music is to be expected.

GTA V PC: The Official Trailer #1

Since Grand Theft Auto V PC is set in the state of San Andreas there will propably be a country station again ( KRose ) and depending on the era it is set in a classic rock station ( K-DST ) and a station with electronic music hopefully again with a German DJ like in GTA: San Adreas.

The Three Main Characters
Every single time there is a new Grand Theft Auto (GTA) about to be released, one of the things that fans are always itching to find out is the main characters that they will be using to play. Rockstar has let all its loyal fans know that this Spring they will be getting three main characters that they will be able to swop through as they play. They have made it clear however that this is not an option that can be done at just any given moment but at specified periods. Without much further ado, here are the 3 main characters of Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV).

A lot of people who saw the first GTA 5 saw Michael but assumed that he was Tommy Vercetti from the previous GTAs. Michael used to be a bank robber who made plenty of cash on the east coast. He cut a deal with the Feds that allowed him to spend his retirement in Los Santos but unfortunately his wife’s lavish lifestyle soon got him broke. He is now back in the crime game trying to make back some good cash to finally settle. His whole story is about how the fortunes he made and lost are enough to push a man to do anything to get them back. From the outside it looks like he has the perfect life but in reality he is in turmoil. His wife doesn’t love him anymore and his kids do not really relate to him. He has had it all but it did not turn out to be all that he thought it would be.

Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips is practically the same as Michael with the only difference being that he is living in a trailer park instead of a posh house in Los Santos. He used to be Michael’s friend but now they do not get along at all. Trevor Phillip’s is hardcore and feels nothing about setting a car ablaze just to see how it burns. The fact that Michael is in witness protection cover from the Feds has many wondering whether he sold out Trevor and that is why they had the fall-out. The two contrasting lifestyles and character traits bring out the things that can drive a person either towards good or evil.

Franklin is the third character that you will be able to use and he comes from South Los Santos. He used to be a street Gangster but he has not given up on any shortcuts to profit. He works for an Armenian automobile dealership repossessing cars that haven’t been paid-up. The dealership has a racket going on where they gas up potential car buyers about how they will be able to afford the cars and when they cannot make their payments, they take them back by any means necessary. Franklin has a ferocious Rottweiler called Chop and either a sister or girlfriend in Rockford Hills. Chop goes along for the repossession rides and he’s main job is to keep the payment defaulters busy while Franklin does his thing.

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